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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
2:16 am - WOW
ahh tonight was the like yesturday, funeral for a friend, atreyu, and of course TAKING BACK SUNDAY concert! oh man it was the best show ive been to in a while since warped. The other bands were cool i really liked funeral for a friend but atreyus just okay. ALL NIGHT we waited for TBS to come on i was so excited for them i went with cess, jess,heather,lopes, sky, katie, steve, and his friend. Its about 2:18 now ha! thats my birthday..wow anyways the concert was great and i had an awesome time, but thats not it... you wanna hear the best part!? well idc if u do or dont im gonna tell ya anyways, okay i crowd surfed about 6 times and on my 2nd to last time I TOUCHED ADAM FUCKING LAZZURA'S HAND!!! omg i think i died and went to heaven...hes so amazingly gorgeous i love him i wanna date him and get married to him and have him sing to me. Last time (cute without the E playing) i was standin in the front row screaming my lungs off ah soo much fun i didnt want it to end. Well now that my whole body has bruises everywhere, my ears are still ringing, i reak of smoke, my hair is disgusting, i barely have a voice, and no body is online to talk to...i think i might just go to bed! I love concerts and mosh pits they put me in sucha hyper/excited mood, the pit really beats ya up lol right cess? why do they have to kick me? why cant they just punch? hahaha ur funny. Well tomorrow...or actually u can say today is Thanksgiving. Yay another fun day mmm Turkey cant wait!


current mood: in awe from adams beauty

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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
6:20 pm - AnyWhooO
yea so like who has time for a LJ now!? chaaa Live Journal is soo last season hello my space is the new IN thing...haha jk anyways i like had a busy day today which is rare for a weekday. I went to bed like super late last night and i didnt even mean to i didnt fall asleep till about 2ish yea sometime around there, then i couldnt wake up like always cuz i hate the morning...ew morning sucks. Okay so then i went to school and then had to stay after to make up 2 tests actually i was supposed to make up 3 but i didnt have time so yea 2 tests then basketball PRE practice for tryouts on Friday. After that ended i had a job interview at Old Navy and seems like i got the job cuz they were like bring ur workin papers and welcome to the team..im like yeaaaa cool lol its just a seasonal job cuz they need help for the holidays so ill work sat and sun wen im not doing basketball. My mom got me the new Gwen Stefani CD cuz i have been waiting for its arrival and so far i like it its different... After that i picked up my glasses, yes i said glasses well its not as bad as u think... i only hafta wear them for driving and seeing the board at school = / oh well my mom says they look cute lol they actually arent that bad. Yea thats really it for now EXCITED for tomorrow and THANKSGIVING of course...mmm food and turkey yesss

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Saturday, November 20th, 2004
11:31 pm - From New Yaaawk lol
Saw the play Thursday it was rele good. Sky lmao u were a great telephone repair man ha. Anyways Friday i went to the mall, haven't been there on a Friday night in sooooo long and it reminded me so much of freshman year not to mention seeing all the freshman there lol the only reason we went was cuz we had to see Spongebob of course. We went to latest show playin which was 9:00 lol you kno past all the kids bed time haha. IT WAS THE BEST MOVIE!!! lol it was rele funny im deffinatly buying it wen it comes out on DVD wow im a loser lol but idc i <3 spongebob haha besides im not the only person who went. Blah so afterwards i went to Carleys and slept there. I dont remember wut time we stayed up till but we didnt ralph this time haha. Tonight Carl had a sweet 16 so i helped her get ready for it. I curled some pieces of hair and crimped some pieces then pinned it up with bobbie pins and it looked really awesome. Carley you looked stunning! and i was really jealous cuz she was all dressed up and actually had somewheres to go. I was just sayin the other day to sky how i wanted to go to something formal and i didnt kno why lol i was just like we havent been to a sweet 16 in soo long we went from having one every other week to having none, so yea i miss going to them cuz i like getting dressed and seeing everyone look nice and having a good time. But sweet 16s are mostly over with now for me at least cuz i dont like girls = ) haha and all the girls i do like already turned 16. Tomorrow is already Sunday, ugh, i stayed home friday which means i had a 3 day weekend and it still went by fast! So tomorrow im either going with my parents to their friend's son's communion, if theres nothing better to do but if i find other plans then ill see if i can get out of it. IM RELE BORED RIGHT NOW ExTREME ADD IS KICKING IN AHHHHHHH HELP ME!!!

OH! almost forgot...thanks to the lovely John that decided not to go to TBS i now have a ticket and will be joining Jess,Heather, and Cess in viewing one of my fav bands TAKING BACK SUNDAY! wooohooo havent been to a concert in a longgg time = )

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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
8:09 pm - ura a stupid hOE!
blah forgot to update...ne ways last friday hmm lmao good times. Went to Carley's thinkin it was just gonna be us and a bottle of Mango Rum...i was wrong. Turned out more ppl showed up and well lets just say me and Carl drank more than the other ppl and had a little incident. IT was hours of fun before we ralphed* lmao oh man kareoke and her brother dancing in his undies wow the fun ended at around 3:30 am but i deffinatly dont regret it. Saturday was fucked up and id rather not bring that night up so yea we'll just skip that part of the weekend and then on sunday the parents left me and i had the house to myself could have deffinatly threw a huge party and no one would have known but you kno since it was a sunday no one was around and plus it was a lazy day. They left around 6 and i went to skys to chill there then we went to the diner for dinner and had awesome cream of turkey soup lol yess. This week is dragging by slowly and very boring but finally tomorrow is Thursday which is 1 day from Friday! Tomorrow im gonna do the basketball thing again after school and then go home and get ready to see the play Barefoot in the Park cuz the lovely Miss Skylar is starring it it. Anthony is gonna be my date for the night haha jk. Its hard to sit threw those plays cuz i think i slightly have ADD but i will try my best to focus = /
I can't wait for FRIDAYYYY

current mood: lazy

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2004
8:49 pm - i need to get inspired...
yea so today was a half day, went to pick up my last and final check from shoprite $88.84 haha and went out for lunch with my mom. I was supposed to meet everyone at Applebees but they decided not to wait for me and by the time i would have gotten there they were gonna be done so i just went out with my mom and then went to knob hill to visit cess. I've only been to her new house a few times cuz its kinda far but we had fun i guess lol i painted her nails and we tried on clothes, what girls do... you kno. Anyways tomorrows already Weds yay middle of the week. I cant wait for basketball tryouts cuz it will give me something to do and look forward to do after school, i hope i make it = / yea so wut else? nothin really that new and exciting im like countin down the days till i get my lisence exactly 3 months and 9 days ive been driving a lot lately and practicing. Blah i didnt take a nap today so hopefull ill be able to fall asleep a little earlier than 1:30 tonight b/c the time i go to bed sometimes is crazy and i have to stop. Oh well the markin period ended today and I'm doin pretty good in all my classes except math, i could put a little more effort towards it cuz if im gettin a C+ on my own i could probably bring it up to a B+ if i went for help, but hey im gettin an A- in English and all my other classes im not sure of yet but im pretty confident about them. Gotta go shower now and then attempt bed
Goodnight <3

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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
6:39 pm - look at Frankie hes beautiful!
Friday was awesome. I went to the metropolitan museum of art and got to miss a full day of school. First we stopped off at Mcdonalds and we got the "daily dose of grease for the day" - Mr. O'Brien
LOL and then we were off to manhatten. On the way there i was tired so i tired to sleep but this fuckin kid behind me was being so loud cuz he had his headphones on and was singing and yellin omg i wanted to smack him, esp wen we went threw the tunnel and he screamed GREASE LIGHTENING! i was like wtf lol anyways we go to the Met and we walked around for a few hours and saw some cool ass paintings, my favorite section was the Modern Art/Art Deco and Journey Throught China lmao it was so quiet in the chinese part me and Lopes had to leave cuz of the ADD and Turets urges. Later on we found these pretty hot guys and we followed them around for a while lol and then Jenn B. did a funny impression of Mr. O and i video tapped it. OH yea i got lots and lots of awesome pics of the paintings but im not gonna post them until after Halloween cuz I'm gonna be taking more pics of the costumes and shit. Anyways after the trip me Jen, and Jenn went to Wendys mmm more fast food, then later i just chilled until 8 and then went out. We saw SharkTale cuz the Grudge started too late and it was rele funny. Leno the shark looked and acted exactly like Robert Denero it was great. Well now its like around 6:45 and im deciding whether i wanna go to a party or just go to someones house. I miss Jess = ( cuz everyone is like a couple Jen & Steve, Cess & Steve, Sky & Ant and then theres always me and Jess who are single but have the most fun ; ) but shes in philly right now so im like 7th wheel ughhh well if i go to the party i wont be, so ill prob wind up doin that idk.... work was so long and boring today. I finally got the courage to quit and my manager was all like whyy? question? question? and im like ugh idk im doing basketball soon and its interfering so shes like well ill talk to you about it later and she never did so i guess im unemployed until 2 weeks? o well idc im gonna go get ready now cuz i wanna leave the house by 7:30. Laterr

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Monday, October 18th, 2004
10:54 pm - slowly fade away...
this weekend was fun i guess. Friday i went to Sean's house with Jess, Heath, Cris, and Cess. We met Steve P and these two guys both named Frank there and we chilled in the basement. Jess bought Sean some wheel of sex game and they played it but i didnt feel like playin, idk why but when the spinner landed on strip no one wanted to do and it since i was like a lil buzzed i volenteer (dont ask) yea so i stripped down to my underwear and everytime someone landed on that they wanted me to do it lol so i was like eh fuck it u only live once right? ha anyways afterwards me and Cris slept over Jess's and we watched some porn but it wasnt a good one and there were no soaps on to mad lib so we hit they hay around 1-ish cuz we all had to wake up early the next day anyways. Jess and Cris went to take the PSAT but i went home cuz it was Chantal's Family Week at Hofstra. I left with my mom at around 10 am and we got there round 12 and ate fried chicken wen we got there cuz they have like 100 fried chicken places in the ghetto by her college Wings and Thangs, Pop eyes, Kentucky Fried, Kennedy you name it LOL. The football game was real close we were up 19- 14 the whole time but then the last quarter Delaware scored and we lost 19 -20 it sucked cuz it was sucha close game. Then after that we went out for dinner to Vincents Clam Bar and it was really good although i felt really sick when the main course came i ate like 2 bites and then i had to get out of there. I felt so like idk claustrophobic you can say? Like the resturant was very dark and my eyes got watery and when i looked around everything was blurry, all the talking became really really loud and i couldnt focus on anything, the place was so crowded and everytime the waitress walked by she had to move my seat in that got on my nerves, and then the last straw...the vase on the table that my dad moved to the side with the flower in it was knocked over by the waitress passing by and it shattered every where, i felt really hot and i couldnt breath i ran out of the resturant and i started walking to the car, my sister came after me cuz she was done eating to see what was wrong and she found me by the car gagging i wanted to throw up but i couldnt and then i finally did, sry for the gross details but yea so that was Saturday night.

Sunday - i took off on sunday from work in advanced cuz i thought i would be tired from sat which i was and i needed the break. I was happy to finally be able to sleep on a sunday morning cuz i havent in the longest time. It was my moms birthday so we went to the movies and i saw shall we dance and ladder 49 which were both really really good. Then i met sky and her parents with my parents for dinner at the diner and i drove perfectly = )

" Don't even think about comin near me without a breath mint, AND QUIT STARRIN AT MY ASS!"
haha best line ever!

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Thursday, October 14th, 2004
7:24 pm
Do you know what it feels like to be upset?
Of course you do, everybody does
You can go from being the happiest person alive to feeling like the lowest being on the earth within the matter of a few days even minutes…seconds.
I feel used, I feel like crying, I have cried and for what? It was all over you
You may think im pathetic but why? Because I have feelings?
I never let anyone get close to me and I finally have and I found out it hurts
Hurts to know its ending
Hurts to know its over
You didn’t understand me when I told you I couldn’t look you in the eyes
And wen I finally tried it I fell for you
Fell hard on my knees and now they’re bleeding
You look at the scars and your scared of them, so am I but I show you anyway
Now your stuck with nothing to say only because your afraid, so I am I but I want you to tell me anyway.
Don’t know how much more of this I can take, so you finally tell me how you feel and im crushed, now im unsure of a lot of things and I don’t know whether to be happy that you’ve made your decision not to hurt me or sad because ive lost you for good.
This isn’t a poem, its not a work of literature, its just something I wrote because I needed to. You maybe looking at this right now, you might not even read it for all I know.
There isn’t really a point to this whole thing nor an ending.
I don’t care if mess up on spelling or forget to use good grammar, all it really is, is just my heart talking.

current mood: shocked

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Sunday, October 10th, 2004
9:18 pm - blah
hmm i havent updated in quite a while but since im bored and its late and no bodys really online im gonna. Lets see too much but too little has happened since the last update, acutally im just too lazy to think about all the events and then do a recap...wtf am i saying lol i dont even talk like that but anyways ill just post whats happen this weekend. Umm lets see the week goes by slow and fast somedays it feels like forever and others go by within the blink of an eye because i take such long naps. Friday was Skys party, we had a lotta fun and im pretty sure Sky liked her present. I got her the new Britney Spears perfume Curious- do you dare? haha oh boy some ppl showed up high to the party that i've never seen high and it was pretty funny (not mentionin names you kno who you are) wow lol someone spilled soda on the pool table and skys dad wants to sue lmfao after the party me jess and cess slept over and me and jess had so much fuckin fun mad libbing the soap operas at like 2 am HASTA LA VISTA i mean...ADIOS or whatever hahah the spanish guy was the best. After that i went home and hung around the house and just rested cuz we stayed up late and then i took a shower. I had plans with Nick to go to his house cuz he came to mine last time and I wanted to see him. Umm it was his friend Joe's birthday and he just turned 18 so we tried to go party cuz we had a whole keg but no where to drink it not that i like beer but yea anyways we didnt wind up partying really just hung out in the parkin lot of friendlys and Nucci almost got hit by a car which was rele scary and we had a few laughs when it came time to pay the toll and nobody had 35 cents not even a fuckin dollar so Nick asked the woman behind us for change and she was just like just beep the horn lmao so we wound up doing that twice and then Tom said that your only allowed to do it 3 times and then the party's over. O well were young and stupid so who cares. I borrowed Requiem for a Dream from Sky cuz Nick said he wanted to see it and its one of my favorite movies but I dont think it was what he expected but idk we watched it anyways. Everytime i leave him i get really confused which is annoying but i cant help it idk what to say anymore i just wish sometimes things were different or we lived closer but for now its not up to me to decide whats going to happen i dont even want to talk about this in a journal entry really so i guess im done for the night. Its late we have school tomorrow and its columbus day...go figure friggen gay ass board of ed they could go fuck themselves. I wanna cut all my classes and just chill in Mrs. P's room and go on strike, ill prob be too tired to start a riot tho so yea goodnite i want to take a shower.

current mood: pessimistic

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Saturday, September 25th, 2004
1:50 pm - na na na naaa
Stole it from Miss Cessy

do you's
1. do you think im cute?
2. do you want to kiss me?
3. do you want to cuddle wit me?
4. do you want to hook up with me?
5. do you think im smart?

are we's
1. are we aquaintences?
2. are we friends?
3. are we hook ups?
4. are we in a relationship?
5. are we gonna have kids?

am i's
1. am i smart?
2. am i cute?
3. am i funny?
4. am i cool?
5. am i the most brilliant person ever?

would you's
1. would you hang out with me?
2. would you date me?
3. would you be my hook up?
4. would you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?
5. would you have sex with me?

have you ever?
1. have you ever thought about me?
2. have you ever thought there might be an "us"?
3. have you ever thought about about hookin up with me?
4. have you ever found yourself wanting a kiss from me?
5. have you ever wished i were there?

are you's
1. are you done with this survey?
2. are you happy you know me?
3. are you mad at me?
4. are you thinkin bout me?
5. are you going to repost this so that i will return the favor?

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
12:04 am - blah
Mondays suck. I had a fun week, barely got sleep though. Had off Thurs. and Friday which was awesome and Crista's party was a lot of fun. I got the pictures back they're great. After the party me, cess, jess, amanda, and heather all slept over and we stayed up till like 5 am. Good thing i took off from work lol. Later on that day i went to my friend Nick's football game and hung out at his house that night. Didnt plan on sleeping over but leave it up to Iris to drive home? yea right she was wasted after she got to the house not even 5 mins haha. ::sigh:: I had fun. Sunday i had a lot on my mind at work plus being hungover and having an 8 hour shift did not help. Right now im not sure how i feel about things and id rather not post my emotions on the computer...

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Monday, September 13th, 2004
10:58 pm - if i dont listen to the talk of the town, then maybe i can fool myself <3
today was a long day. First it was double lab minus the gym which sucked cuz we got stuck watching some crap on euglenas and lookin at dead mosquitos. Anyways skylar's fake toungue ring was amusing at lunch and thats really it for the school part of the day. After school me Jess and Cess all went to Crista's and hung out there until the guys came over to do a "project" lol well thats wut Cris told her dad cuz he like didnt want boys over or something haha. But no Jess and Cess really did have to do a project, so anyways we hung out with Mike and Joe which was fun and then later Jen and Cava stopped by and the party REAAAALLY started hahah oh god WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBORS THINK!? lmao wall humping wow...straight from Crista's I had to go to an SAT class from 7-10 which was soooo boring and long and ugh. I met this girl whose pretty cool, I was talkin to her cuz i didnt kno anybody and we were both like wow this place sucks wut time is it? lol then shes like OH MAN I NEED A CIGARETTE I GOTTA GET OUTTA THIS PLACE and im like haha this girl kicks ass so like on the 5 minute break I went outside wit her cuz she wanted to smoke and like we got in trouble cuz we came back to class like 2 mins late or something idk w/e man all i kno is that im overtired now and hungry cuz i skipped dinner so im eating a sandwhich = ) yay GOoDNiTE <3

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Thursday, September 9th, 2004
10:35 pm - could it get any worse?
Yea so you wanna laugh? another problem added to the list of this year sucking. Cuz of the stupid S- Test shit they had to switch my lunch which was 6th (the best one) to 8th (the one that blows my ass) yea just like everything else in my life i cant do anything about it or change it. I guess this year is a lesson of learning how to deal with things? wow its hard but im holding out...idk how much longer i can hold on though some of it is killing me, and if you know me well enough i dont like to tell the whole world about my problems i kinda just keep to myself and tell a few good friends.

* I wish i could turn back time *

current mood: crushed

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Monday, September 6th, 2004
10:12 pm - Bleh
Great weekend, got to see Tara and everyone. Just one thing thats been bothering me but i guess i cant make a big deal of it. I mean you cant be sad over something thats never happened...so yea im just disappointed i guess. If your one of the few people who know what im talking about then yea, you kno that theres pretty much nothing i can do. See i knew it was too good to be true because nothing in my life ever falls through, and everybody knows almost doesnt count. Ugh I just wish that sometimes people werent so deceiving and tricky. I really dont know what else is left to say, all i can do is put it in the past and forget it now. Not like this hasn't happened before, so im used to it.

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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
6:57 pm - Vacation was great!
wow ive finally had a chance to update its been a while but its cuz ive been so busy. As most of you know I went on cruise. I loved all the islands; Aruba, Curaco, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico but Aruba had to be my favorite. I did a lot of fun things on vaca. i went tubbing and parasailing in Aruba and Jet Skiing in St. Thomas. I also met Mya the singer LIKE WO lol that was pretty cool i took a picture with her. Hmm ate a lot of food met some kick ass people from North Jersey did many SHOTS smoked cigars went to the club and the casino which was awesome. There was so much freedom it was great sharing a room with Chantal and Irene and coming home at like 5 am. Wow soo many inside jokes
YES!YES! YES! YES! (dance)
What is dis? Ketchup? TUH TUH
so many more but its not funny unless you were there haahah but i thought it was hilarious.
One of the best times i had was the last night in Puerto Rico my whole family and Irene had to share a big hotel room and my dad's snoring was unbareable so i went outside on the balcony and put two lounge chairs together with a couple of towels and a pillow to sleep. Looking at the dark island sky with the beautiful stars and the sound of the ocean was so calm i just got to lay there and chill out. It was the most peaceful sleep and I thought about a lot of things. It makes me want to own a house on the beach so badly...
Anyways Sat is my dads bday and we're having a BBQ and hopefully everyone will come and i will get to see everyone from the ship and it will be like a big reunion. I had a lot of fun hangin out with Nick, Tony, and of course Pete! lol so yea i had an awesome time and i would deffinaly DO--IT--AGAIN!

Im kinda tired now cuz ive been stayin up so late every night. Last night i went over to robs and i saw everyone i missed them! Later on me and Cess went back to Jess's and we slept over. Today we went to the beach and got our last GOOD tan = ( school is tomorrow and i hate to say it but that really makes me depressed. Summer is offically over and its back to the HELL HOLE oh man i really dont wanna go back. Looking forward to saturday and seeing everybody.

current mood: depressed

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Thursday, August 19th, 2004
4:30 pm - packing sucks
god i hate packing so much...today i slept till 1:44 woke up and did nothing then i went to wendys for lunch and paid with many quarters cuz i had them and felt like it. Umm...then i walked around in my underwear for a while just cuz i didnt feel like getting dressed cuz i have to shower soon. I packed some clothes for vacation and took occasional breaks in between to do aerobics to some songs on the computer. Then i read something that made me laugh but at the same time pissed me off. Ok like every fuckin time rob writes somethin in his journal people like attack the fuckin kid like really come on do you have a life? idk who theses ppl are but like if i were rob i would get to the bottom of it cuz he cant even write opinions and thoughts freely without someone nagging or bitching at him in the comments. Anyways me and Theresa gave them a piece of mind! isnt that right!? yea so idk what im doing tonight but all i know is that I have to shower soon cuz im still in my bra and underwear and for some people im sure thats lovely but for me it says "GET MOVING AND GO SOMEWHERE OR DO SOMETHING!" yaa sooo im bored ...and i love how ppl talk shit and dont even have the decency to post their friggen name haha yea! im a big show off nowwww!

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12:15 am - its been a while...
wow havent updated in quite some time...um the usual has been happenin hangin out just chillin at peoples houses um the other night there was an open house party which kinda sucked but w.e it was something to do. Tonight I went bowling wit Theresa, Bernie, Jen, Steve, Cava, Tony, and Rob and then Sky and Jen Kaye stopped by. We were being retarted like always with changing the names and I got like 10 things out of those machines cuz im retarted like that. I got this fuzzy lepard snap bracelet and Theresa got some other jungle pattern. I was like whatever happen to theses bracelets? they rock and Jens like they stop makin them cuz ppl slit their wrists i saw it in I <3 the 90s im like whoa oh well its a cool bracelet. anyways i go on vacation in 3 days whoohoo Me, Chantal, and Irene in our own room away from our parents...yea that explains everything = )

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
5:49 pm - Warped!
Havent updated in a while but lets see ... went to warped fuckin tour it was awesome got to see like every band i desired and crowd surfed. Some of the crowds were crazy and i had to escape for air but thats the fun of it. Saw millions of ppl there, a few that i wasnt expecting and thats really it. Nfg id say was the best cuz i've never seen them live before and their one of my fav bands. During taking back sunday it was really funny cuz Adams like "my favorite is the guy in the back with the middle finger...wheres ur microphone buddy? the finger is the new I LOVE YOU hahah that was great. anyways the after party was fun too eatin pasta and complainin about our dogs from the walk home haha. I forget who but someone was like this reminds me of halloween everyone walkin around at night im like yea cuz fuckin NJ is like dead and only comes alive on occasions. Blah now im bored im lookin for somethin to do cuz ive been in the house all day.

i was so fuckin hyper at like 1:00 what happen~?!
maybe by 7 ill be hyper cuz of my nap = ) - LETS GET RA TARTED, HA!

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Friday, August 6th, 2004
3:07 pm - Steppin on the beach ::tongue roll::
Well these past few days have been fun. Funny shit happened tuesday night lmao whoever hung out with me u kno what im talkin about.
"Come on...shes hott, your drunk...just do it! ::FALLS OFF CHAIR, SNAPS IN HALF:: lmFAOO hahah oh man mike that was priceless ur face!!! hahah anyways wedsday i didnt do anything fun really just hung out by the pool and sipped pina coladas with Chantal and Irene and then went to work at raceway. Thursday after school i went straight to Carley's house cuz it was Brittany's 9th birthday. Me and Carl helped set up everything for the party like balloons and crap and we were in charge of the cotton candy machine which was really awesome i wanna get one of those things. Brittany got a lot of cool stuff especially BALLOONIES u kno that elastic plastic stuff haha it was awesome we blew like huge bubbles. Me and Carley hung out with Moe and stuff and Brittany and her friends put on a show for us it was really funny
and HOW WE RUNNIN lol anyways im home now and im undecided on what im doing tonight hopefully when Jen gets back from gettin the new guitar ill go over. So im going to go shower now cuz i feel Grrr OSSS! lol Carley

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Sunday, August 1st, 2004
10:39 pm - Happy Birthday to Tara!
yay today was fun, went to Long Island to see Tara and everyone cuz she turned 16. I got to see Caitlin who i havent seen in forever and Alicia and Phil and Mike and everyone lol. We surprised Tara by bringing Jon and it was the funniest thing we all go in the house and say hi and we tell jon to wait like 5 mins...so he rings the door bell and were like Tara get teh door and i video taped her reaction it was so funny and she was rele glad to see him, she wasnt expecting it at all. We had fun playing guitar and stuff under the tent in the backyard and im glad the rain stopped. We ate a lot, cuz you kno how New Yorkers do...good food all the way man the cake kicked ass (chocolate with banana and strawberry filling) mmMMmm! anyways we left around 8 and made pretty good time no traffic really. There was one scary part of the car ride where all these bikers came out of no where and like cut in front of everyone. On the way there and coming home we listened to "Get Down to Night" like 5 times lol BABAH BABE lets get togetha! lol yea so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TA! I hope you liked ur present...but sry the diamond fell out = / damn cheapness! I <3 u

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